Thursday, 3 January 2013

First gym session of 2013 done!

I'm sitting here relaxing watching 'Celebrity' Big Brother. So far only two people have gone in jockey Frankie Dettori and X Factor Essex boy Rylan Clark. I'll see who else comes in as I carry on writing this blog post.

So after another four day break, lots of booze on New Years Eve and a three course Italian meal last night I decided today enough was enough.

I kept to a healthy diet today, tried to drink lots of water and packed my bag this morning ready for spinning.

I've been tired since this year started - January blues I guess - and so I wasn't as eager to get to the spin studio as usual.

Lo and behold yet again where I've planned to ease myself back in with the 'easy' class on a Thursday, the teacher wasn't there.

Tonight's class was covered by a great cover instructor (I've only had one class with him before), but oh my goodness it was tough. So tough I couldn't stop sweating and had sweat in my eyes and at one lovely point dripping into my mouth!

We did a host of tough routines, including a few non-stop fast as you can spins for the whole of the track. In addition, we had to endure a long track split into 30 second sprints and 10 second recovery breaks in between.

My legs felt like jelly and I felt fit to drop by the time the class was over. I could just about manage the stretches at the end if I'm honest.

Okay Celebrity Big Brother update - Paula Hamilton (former supermodel) and now Tricia Penrose (used to be on Heartbeat). Hm...

Rylan and Frankie have to decide who goes in the grotty basement and who goes in the house. To be honest so far the program is already grating on me!

Anyway back to spinning. So the class was tough and it was due to be 45 minutes long but ended up lasting nearly an hour!

I've stuck to my healthy eating tonight and yes as I'm on Dry January I've not had any alcohol either. Three days and counting!

Before yesterday's visit to the ballet we went for a meal and I was shocked how I did feel it was an effort not to drink - wine glasses on the table, my boyfriend teasing me about drinking and (something I hadn't considered) lots of the dishes were cooked in or included a sauce which involved red or white wine!)

I made it safely through you'll be pleased to know. However I can tell people will need a lot more convincing before believing I will be successful in this challenge. Still not even one donation on my page!

Time now to sit back and zone out to this reality TV junk and then I'm off to bed this no drinking is an exhuasting business you know!

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