Sunday, 20 January 2013

Booworm: Dare Me by Megan Abbott

I've just finished Dare Me by Megan Abbott, a fictional tale set in the US and centred around a high school cheerleading squad.

I decided to download the ebook after reading a review in a magazine which recommended it. Talking about the realities of growing up as a female and high school angst etc, it sounded promising.

On finishing this story, and in fact reading it, I felt so down. The book makes for a depressing read.

However to me it doesn't offer anything that different. Cheerleaders in an American high school, young pretty girls, the popular ones, the bullies. Although not is all as it seems.

Sounds like a lot of teen books, Jodi Picoult, teen films and similar right?

I enjoyed the book at times as it kept me guessing who was involved in certain events that occur in this fictional tale.

However, the story was very dark and to me left me a bit drained and down to be honest. Pretty depressing reading how the ones who seem to have it all really are nasty people too and can manipulate things.

At first I liked Addy's character, but by the end I didn't like her either.

Perhaps I just didn't get the message in this book, who knows.

If there wasn't the hint of mystery involved I think I would have liked the book even less to be honest.

Good points
Not an obvious storyline, certain elements do keep you guessing
Easy enough read if you need something for the commute

Not so great
Quite a few US references which I didn't understand and so not always sure what they were referring to/found it hard to picture things in my mind
Stereotypical, unlikable characters
Not offering anything new

In summary not one of my favourite reads, but not the worst book in the world. Now to decide what to read next from my list...

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