Monday, 27 January 2014

Why it's different if us girls do it...

My fiancé sat in bed and read my post last night (in a very mocking voice I may add) and then turned to me and immediately suggested another.

So here I am about to tell you all about boys and girls and why we need two sets of rules. 

Recently I saw a strip show, The Dreamboys no less. It was at my local theatre and we were a good few rows back I can assure you.

I'd seen the tickets advertised last year and decided it'd be a funny thing to do with my Mum, one of my best friends and her Mum. 

This was the second time I'd been to a strip show (the other being Adonis Cabaret in London for my friend's Hen Do). 

Both times I had a real laugh and a good giggle, but men have questioned how I'd feel if it was my man going to see female strippers.

My answer? It's different.

I also mentioned yesterday how I'm prone to a bit of banter with the opposite sex and maybe a dance when on a night out. Again, how would I feel if it was my partner doing that when on a lads night?

It's different.

We've often found random photos on our cameras in the past of group pictures or images of us pulling funny faces next to a complete stranger (male) from a night out.

What if I saw photos of my loved one in similar poses? 

It's different.

Sensing a bit of a pattern here? 

So why is it different for men and women? 

In my opinion females tend to be about having laughs or wearing new outfits on a night out. It is men who approach women.

When I've gone to see strippers they've had a comedy element. To me it's completely different to men shoving notes in a girl's underwear and drooling with their mates in seedy joints with comments like 'look at the t**s on that!' 

As a girl I know what men are like in a bar and club they are constantly on the lookout. It is not in my experience girls who go up to them. So I would conclude then that if your man is with a girl in a club or photo chances are he's gone up to her.

Yes I know this is a generalisation and I'm only going on me and my friends and what we've experienced. 

A girl goes to a strip 'show' not a club and giggles throughout. A girl goes to a club and has to shove away men who try and join their group and won't take the hint. A girl gets drunk and thinks she can dance like Rihanna and likes taking silly selfies, not really aware most of the time who's tried to 'photobomb' their image.

Of course as with my last blog there are some exceptions to the rule.

Men you disagree? You go on stag weekends and admire the architecture? You never approach girls in clubs? 

As I sit here and shake my head from side to side, tutting, I have one answer for you. Have you not learnt yet? Girls are always right! 

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