Saturday, 25 January 2014

Let the decluttering begin!

Today's the day. No excuses.

My fitness and weight may be a complete joke right now (thanks to diet difficulties in January and being ill/hurting my back), but there is one thing I can make progress on.

This year my boyfriend and I, or should I say fiancé (sorry the novelty has not worn off yet!) are looking to buy our first property together.

Exciting times ahead right??

Erm, when we've moved in somewhere ask me again.

Right now my only thoughts have been panic and worry.

What's happened to my plan not to worry this year? I know it's not great so far. I've been doing it okay at work so far though, so slowly but surely.

Anyways I already went through the whole saving, mortgage, surveys, property viewing process back in May 2007, when I brought my flat.

This time around is different - I'm buying with somebody else, moreso I've got somewhere to sell! 

Now four weeks into January what has been done to proceed with our plans? 

Er, I've brought some project books to make lots of plans and notes. Apart from that the only thing I've done is get overwhelmed.

Finally today it's time to admit enough is enough. It's going to take a while, but I'm  actually going to begin sorting my flat. Going through each room and de-cluttering, whether that's selling things, throwing them out or general tidying.

One question that will come up again and again I can already tell is how has one person accumulated so much 'stuff' in a one bedroom flat? 

Wish me luck!  

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