Monday, 22 August 2011

The Friend

The friend you grew up with, riding your bikes out and playing fun games
The friend who’s so quiet and a bit out there, but you love all the same
The friend who matches your loud, dirty laugh
Nights out you never do by half

The friend you made at uni, you’ve shared so much
The work friend with a super sweet tooth, who always gives things the personal touch
The friends you’ve known for years and years
The friend who’s only interested when things are down and you’re shedding tears
The good time friend who’s always owing you money
The friend who has you in stitches, their humour is just so funny

Friends you can rely on, those who are just for having fun
The group of friends you’ve made and share with your loved one
The friends you made through work, who were once just office colleagues
The friend whose life is always full of secrets and intrigue

Those friends you haven’t known for all that long, but you are already so close to
You feel like you’ve known each other for years and they’re always there to turn to
The friend who can finish your sentence, so many interests you share
Evenings spent indulging in good food and giggling, you always know they’ll be there

The ones you thought were your friends, but sadly they change and become selfish
All life revolves around them and how their life is so rich
The ones who divulge your secrets and let you down
All those good times you shared seem so far in the past now
Special occasions and memorable events get forgetten
They’re not of interest unless it can be related back to them

The friends you’ve holidayed with more than once
Who are always genuine, there’s no need to put on any fronts
You laugh, you cry, you talk, you shout
Ups and downs across the years, but that’s what friends are all about

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