Monday, 29 August 2011

Becoming a beauty addict?

I never thought I would say this, but I think I am getting a bit of an addiction for beauty treatments. Now those who know me will argue there’s no way I’m a tomboy, but I’m not an overly girly girl who is prepared to spend countless hours on my appearance either. Put it this way, if I can have a bit longer in bed in the morning versus getting up and properly blow drying and straightening my hair, then the bed wins it every time.

As a recent treat for my birthday I went to a local business called Sole Sensation – the USP for this place is that they offer the increasingly popular ‘fish pedicures’. Not long after they opened I poked my head round the door to have a nose, but chickened out and didn’t go through with trying it. Now – pardon the pun – I’m hooked. For £15 for 25 minutes you can have your feet ‘nibbled’ by these special fish who get rid of the dead skin and leave your tootsies baby-bum-soft. Lovely.

I admit when I first put my feet in the water I shrieked a bit, I couldn’t bring myself to look in the tank and I did freak out a bit. However, once you get used to the sensation it is such a relaxing process. Due to a special multi-treatment deal they were offering, my boyfriend had booked me in for a manicure as well (minus fish I should add). This place is so popular that they were a bit booked up so my appointment was this Saturday (a couple of weeks after my birthday).

From when I was young the only pampering I did was to religiously use a Blue Corn facemask from Body Shop and relax in a bubble bath, or if not I tried to follow a cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. That was it. Then I got introduced to my boyfriend’s mates and their girlfriends/wives who it has to be said always look fab and are more interested in their appearance than me. They are the ones who got me into spas – hence my numerous visits to various Essex/Kent spas and then a friend got me a voucher for a local beauty place. As I visited more of these places I sampled pedicures, back neck and shoulder massages, facials, head massages and body scrubs.

The thing I find with beauty treatments is that the more you have the more you want to try. I did try out fake nails a few years back, but after leaving my natural nails as thin as paper I was not impressed and so far have never gone back to that. Apart from that I have thoroughly enjoyed my visits, I find they relax me and leave me feeling great. So this Saturday I went for a luxury manicure (for only £5 more than the standard manicure you get a hand massage, hand mask/wrap and you leave with super soft skin).

Even whilst I was having the treatment I was planning another visit and what I could have next time. In fact I purposely arrived early to my appointment so I could fit in another visit with my fishy friends! Needless to say I am now a fan of the manicure – my first one – in fact I have spent the last few days admiring my super shiny painted nails and stroking my super soft skin.

On visiting my Auntie recently I arrived to find the hairdresser there – who happens to be my hair stylist too. My Aunt religiously has her hair washed, blow dried and styled every single week. I haven’t had my hair done for quite a while, partly because I am trying to grow my hair out and also since I haven’t got cash to chuck around. However, I have since found myself lusting over a hair cut/dye and have been wondering when I could get one booked in.

Although, when young I used to be petrified of getting my hair done, as a child I would shout ‘Force me!’ when my Aunt/Mum tried to trim my locks and I had my hair ‘highlighted’ when I was at Uni with a petrified expression on my face throughout the whole time in the salon. Not now, I love my hair being touched, cut, straightened and styled – you just feel so much better once you’ve had your hair done.

So although I’m not off to join The Only Way Is Essex crew just yet and get tanned up and vajazzled, I can’t promise how long it’s going to be before my next manicure, pedicure, hairstyle or massage hit. Well, after all I only need to have one more treatment at Sole Sensation and get my next treatment for free! Beauty bargain hunter? Health spa hag? Massage maniac? Guilty as charged.

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