Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dr Foster went to Gloucester...

No I’m not about to write my own nursery rhyme, I realised I still hadn’t got around to revealing all about our super mini break! A short poem seemed fitting (and also quicker to give you a brief rundown if I'm honest!)

Excited faces, all ready for a break
Laughing at how much the girls just had to take

A two hour journey turning into five
Getting bored and hot on the ride

Arrive at the hotel ready to relax and de-stress
On check-in we had some complaints and I got stroppy I confess

A quick freshen up and we’re ready for dinner
Fruit and games machines for the boys, Pinot for the girls – we’re on to a winner!

Shame someone forgot to teach the waitress how to smile
Though it didn’t stop us eating, drinking and staying a long while

After a few too many it was off to bed
Plans and ideas for tomorrow running through our head

The fan helping keep us cool in a very hot room
We’ll be back on the road to do sightseeing again very soon

A big cooked breakfast, cereal, crumpets and coffee
Then off for a drive through beautiful scenery

Rejuvenated after a dip in Bath’s spas
Looking round the authentic Roman historical sites for hours

A late lunch chewing on paninis in the sun
Then a bit of shopping to add to the fun

Dining in a super friendly gorgeous country pub
Girls makeup free from the day, but not worried when sampling the traditional and yummy grub

The boys getting us lost by not using the sat nav system
Us girls just getting accused of nagging them

The next day brings an earlier start and this time brekkie at Starbucks
Driving super fast through country roads, making me cross my fingers for luck!

Cheddar Gorge is the next stop, what a beautiful valley
Surprised at how all these places are such good value for money

An open-top tour bus, cave visits, a museum and lots of photos
A gorgeous cream tea, buying cider, cheese and fudge, we don’t want to go

The crystal cave character making me jump
Being made to ‘climb’ up some cliffs gave me the hump

An evening dining out in the local area
Although dubious at first we soon found a good place where we felt a bit safer

Perhaps a little too much indulging in the food and booze
Non-stop giggling in the car then hit the pillow and ready to snooze

The last day arrives, it makes us so sad
Thinking back on all the laughter and great times we’ve had

We pop by Bourton-on-the-water on our route home
An idyllic village, we solved the maze all on our own

A final pub meal, sitting by the water
Not wanting to leave, the weather just kept getting better

We say our goodbyes in the local car park
And then make our way home, hoping to arrive before dark

A superb weekend, one we all want to repeat as soon as we can
With two of my best friends and my wonderful man

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