Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bookworm: One Hundred Names by Cecilia Ahern

If my last read made the reader feel a bit down, this book is definitely the tonic.

The perfect follow up to an emotionally draining read, One Hundred Names is a real feel-good tale.

Focussing on journalist Kitty Logan, the fictional story follows her journey as she tries to piece together the ultimate story her recently deceased best friend and colleague wanted to write. 

All she has are a list of 100 names and she needs to find out what connects them and what is the story. 

As is typical with Ahern, there are tough times and emotional tales to tell, but of course all must come good and have a happy ending. 

Yes some points may be cheesy and far fetched, but overall this is a lovely book to pick up your spirits and get you thinking of what's really important in life.

Good points
Feel good read
Easy read
Interesting characters
Leaves you guessing (what the link is)

Not so great
Often unrealistic/cheesy
Clever link but not as dramatic as people might have been expecting 

I have often liked books by this writer before for their feel good factor and heart warming approach and yet again Ahern hasn't failed to deliver!

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