Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bookworm: The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman

What a sad tale.

I picked this book as it seemed to offer something different - set in the past and about a boat that turns up with a dead man in it and a crying baby.

Not your typical read.

What I didn't bargain on is the emotional rollercoaster it would take me on. 

All about right and wrong, love and decisions, this book is very powerful and stays with you.

I loved the fact how sad it was and also hated the fact at the same time, as it can be quite draining at times. 

You totally lose yourself in it though. Numerous times I've been reading it on the train or in bed and lost track of time, whizzing past stations or shocked by the time when checking the clock. A sign of a good book.

I left the book still unsure how I feel about the main characters - Isabel, Hannah and Tom - and in fact many others.

This is because the book really tugs the heart strings and makes you question what is really right or wrong.

Good points
Good escapism
Makes you think
Something different 

Not so good
Pretty depressing 
Leaves you unsure/unable to reach a conclusion as to who is right/what is right 

Overall I would recommend this book, granted I am a sucker for sad books and many would find this far too draining - even I did at times).

If you fancy something different and don't mind your heart strings pulled at and your morals questioned then this is a good pick! 

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