Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Time out!

Oh dear I was doing so well at regularly blogging...

So I am back (well for now)! Things have been a tad hectic of late - whether through work or personal life, a rollercoaster whirlwind few weeks have just whizzed past and I for one need a rest.

And that is exactly what I've got!

Isn't it funny that as soon as you get an inkling of some sort of upcoming positive event you start to immediately relax?

We obviously have the bank holiday weekend fast approaching us and I've rather last minute made a spur of the moment decision (not typical of little miss organised me at all!) to go away for a few days with my Auntie.

Just for a few days we're off to Majorca to (hopefully) catch some rays, drink some sangria, enjoy some good food and company and well just bloody well relax and chill out! 

Then when I get back I've got the rest of the week off work to allow me to go to a family wedding and allow myself some me time. Bliss! I cannot wait! 

Literally as soon as my boss signed it off this morning a weight lifted off my shoulders (although randomly I've now got a banging headache)! 

Yes I am still manically busy and my current personal woes are still there but there's a bit of respite and that means a hell of a lot.

I consider myself a relatively strong person who can deal with quite a bit before I break and I admit I am kind of proud I've made it to this point and survived! Sounds dramatic I know but believe me it has felt that way and I don't want to divulge all my personal life on the Internet so I won't go into too much more detail... 

On another positive point, for those who've been following my fitness and weight journey, I am now at my lowest weight. I managed to break the next barrier I wanted (granted I will put it all back on over the next week or so) but I've got there and now I know I can do it.

I've also found I don't need to go quite so mad on the exercise front and go to classes/exercise every single day. I CAN have a life and do social things too and then I find (surprise surprise) I'm truly doing exercise because I want to and enjoy it and not as some form of punishment to my body! 

I'm a bit rundown right now (hence the needed break) and so far this week l'm holding off on exercise - I went on the weekend and it did me no favours. I have to admit it's killing me though to think I won't be able to go to spinning so long!! 

So for now I will battle through until Thursday night and then it's time to hit 'reset' and allow myself some time for me. I can't wait!

And typical me but I also can't wait to be fully refreshed again so that after this time off I'm raring and ready to go, work and fitness wise! Well I can't relax for too long, I'll get bored!... 

One of my fave ways to try unwind on my break at work is a nice skinny mocha and my Kindle :)

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