Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bookworm: Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

I devoured this book in two days.

Granted, I'd probably been desperate for a bit of fiction in my life (see last book review) and I was on holiday so had plenty of time to read whilst lying back on a sunlounger. 

However, I liked this book for being different. Set across a number of years in America, Klaussmann's fictional tale is told through a number of key characters in the book. Each point in time retold in a new way through a new chapter through the eyes of the next character taking their turn to talk.

I could not put the book down, I constantly wanted to know what happened next.

The descriptions of the characters was extremely detailed and you really feel you can picture them all in your mind as you read on. In turn, the writer's style involves such vivid descriptions of places, clothing, smells, sounds, foods and drinks, that you actually place yourself in the story. I truly lost myself in the book.

Titles often give away an inkling of the nature of the book, but not in this case and I was constantly wondering  what brought about the choice. To me this book does not offer what you expected from it (but in a good way).

Let yourself take in the author's many strong characters and find yourself hating and loving a number of them, they all bring about powerful opinions and emotions. Cousins Nick and Helena, husbands Avery and Hughes. Relatives Daisy and Ed. 

The blurb might make you think you're reading a series of different summer holidays at one location set back in time. A pleasant tale of how different generations of a family utilise the family holiday home.

Klaussmann's debut novel is a lot more than that and offers something much darker and addictive than you'll be expecting. 

Good points
Strong characters
Great descriptions
Easy to read style
Something different 

Not so great
Not quite sure I totally got what was happening/had happened at times, often points are suggested rather than actually explicitly described

So my return to my fiction has been pretty positive on this occasion - a good book, offering something different, a bit dark and easy to read and relax to when you're trying to unwind. 

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