Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Local laughs

Tonight as I hobbled to the station (from sore feet thanks to new shoes), I felt half asleep and it has to be said a bit fed up.

So going to see a comedy at the theatre I knew was going to be hit and miss. It could be just what the doctor ordered and cheer me up (even if temporarily), or it could just make me more angry than I currently feel right now and not make me laugh at all.

Thankfully, due to the genius that is Cut to the chase and the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch, tonight's entertainment choice turned out to be a hit.

Sadly, the last of my 'Jump the Q' offerings, the third and final show of the season is Run For Your Wife.

This production tells the tale of a cabbie who lives a double life - two homes and two wives. After being involved in a random accident his schedule of taxi shifts and moreover wife shifts gets muddled up.

There begins the journey we follow him on as he gets himself deeper and deeper into more and more outrageous lies.

True British farce, the gags were non stop and the laughter was constant.

Each character was loveable and hilarious in their own way and the Queen's made good use of the small space, with a great set as always.

And hats off to the lead character who we were informed at the start of the show had torn tendons in his leg and was still performing, despite being advised to rest up. He simply acted his part but added a further prop - a stick - to help him along. Since the character is meant to have been in an accident this only added to his acting and certainly didn't impact the show in any negative way.

One thing I love about our local theatre is the way when you go to see a show you always find at least one actor/actress you recognise from before. I'm always amazed how totally different a character they're playing each time.

Yet again the acting, timing, costumes and set were a hit.

Each scene was full of giggles and the two hours (including interval) flew by.

I also love how the team are so natural, a couple of small blips were dealt with so seamlessly and just added to the laughs.

Once again another hit for this wonderful local theatre. In fact I'm quite sad to have finished my selection of shows there for now.

Here's to the next batch!

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