Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hair raising experiences

I quite like using Pinterest, in fact it could be said I am a little obsessed, I go on it at least a few times a day on my phone.

The main things I tend to 'pin' are cute animals, yummy looking food, clothes, fitness tips and wise words. However, I also like to get tips for hair and makeup.

A week or two ago I pinned the following images featured on this blog post. I loved the look of this 'ombré' style and had heard of it already referred to as 'dip-dyed' (which also unfortunately reminds me of sheep!) 

I've been getting a bit bored with my hair lately (it doesn't take much!) As soon as I saw these pictures I thought ooh this could be the next thing I do with my hair. I can never seem to decide if I like short hair or my hair long. 

At the moment I like my hair long, so if I'm going for a change it's going to need to be with the colour. Note: my hair will also be staying straight and not suddenly curly! 

So I've booked up to have my hair done next week (she comes to my flat and is such good value) and I've been really looking forward to it.

Well that is when I first booked it, since then (yesterday!) I have started to worry. Is she going to keep my black on top and light brown on the bottom or is she going to do brown on top and more of a blonde on the bottom? Both are fine with me, but what if she ends up doing black on top and blonde on the bottom?? This is where my panic sets in. What if I hate it?

The more you speak to women the more you seem to find the supposed-to-be relaxing element of getting your hair done actually is a daunting experience for most.

What if they cut off too much? What if the colour goes wrong? It never looks like you wanted. Hairdressers always get scissor happy. They always have their own idea of what you meant. You're comfortable with how you finish your hair each day. 

I know some women who as soon as they've had their hair done rush to brush or wash it out as they hate all the product in it!

Do we ever tell a hairdresser that? In the main? No.

I have to say my issue is I usually love the way my stylist finishes my hair off, it's just I can never get it to look as good! 

Throughout the years I've had nothing but panic over getting my hair done. My current home hairdresser has now been doing my hair for the last 9 years or so and I finally trust her. Well that is until I pick something completely different then I worry.

I think back to getting my hair done at Uni, I'd never really done anything with my hair until I went to Uni. Then I decided to change. They laughed at me in the local hairdressers panicking so much and the first time I visited and had lowlights put in. I looked petrified.

Then they had me stuck, as I started to trust them I would only go to the same salon to have my hair done. As a Uni student it was ridiculous costing me £70+ a time. 

Again I still went through the same dilemmas. On one visit they got too scissor happy and cut my hair in an odd style, then at other points they were meant to add copper highlights in and my hair turned out bright red! 

So now I'm torn, I'm feeling like a stereotypical girl (getting your hair done when you're having man issues!) and I'm half excited about getting something new sorted and half scared it'll all go wrong! 

Why is getting your hair done always such a hair raising experience?? 


  1. I love this style! You'll have to put pics up when it's done :-)

  2. Yeah it looks fab on this lot! Hopefully mine turns out ok :) I'll definitely share a pic or two if I like it! x