Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Merry Melican

Oh dear. I have been bad, really bad. I’ve not written a blog post for 6 days and I can see my posts have been pretty sparse of late. I apologise (or maybe you should be thankful, depending on how you feel about my blog!)

To be fair if you’ve read my last blog post you’ll see I’ve been quite a busy bee in January so maybe cut me some slack this time. I’ll try to keep on top of my blogging in future.

This week has started – fingers crossed – fairly well. I woke up yesterday to find I’d lost another 1lb in weight, so all my Christmas weight is now gone. Then I came into work and got showered with compliments on my new hairstyle (I’ve gone back to a shorter do again). I had a busy but productive (and fairly stress-free) day at work and then did my workout DVD and for once didn’t feel quite so appalled with the reflection in the mirror before me in my workout gear!

So all in all it’s going well.

I have felt generally quite chirpy the last few days (I just know I am so going to jinx my mood and working days by typing this!) and I can’t help but notice a connection between my mood and a certain behavioural change this weekend.

Yes ‘Dry January’ ended – you know the charity event I was doing for Alcohol Concern, a rather poor turnout on the donation front unfortunately but hey there’ still time if you’re feeling bad… COME ON DON'T BE TIGHT

The month of January I felt great – alert, no hangovers, healthy, more energetic in exercise. I was however quite grumpy – something I put down to the fact work has been horrendously busy and I have about 2-3 times the workload I’m meant to right now. However, on Friday 1st February I was allowed to drink again, something I admit I was actually quite nervous about (those who know me well try not to burst out laughing at this ludicrous idea!)

On Friday night I had a few large glasses of wine and a Chang beer (well I was in a Thai restaurant, I had to!) and a meal out. Saturday night, again I had a big meal out and also consumed some alcohol (half a bottle of Pinot and an espresso martini if you’re interested).

The result? Erm…I didn’t get absolutely hammered on suddenly drinking booze, I didn’t have a hangover the next day and I didn’t feel sick. In fact, my weight loss was getting quite slow, this week after having alcohol on the weekend I lost weight again!

My conclusion? Well that wine is the miracle cure of course! As for my mood I’ve been a much happier little bunny, which can only be a good thing (something I’m sure my boyfriend and work colleagues will agree with!)

Oh dear, Alcohol Concern will cringe reading this. Not all is lost! On a more serious note I actually feel doing this month of no drinking has changed my perspective on alcohol, I no longer associate it as something that definitely has to be connected with a meal, an evening out, visits to entertainment venues. I’m not so up for going out ‘on a big one’ and chucking all sorts of drink down my neck because ‘it’s fun’. No, I think I’ve finally learnt (at the ripe old age of 30) that actually drink can be enjoyed in moderation and it’s actually more pleasant that way. To compliment some good food, as an accompaniment to a good conversation/catching up with friends, refreshing served chilled and crisp and not half warm from a discount deal bottle of wine in a cheap-brand pub.

My fears of being put off alcohol for good by not partaking in any for 31 days have been – thankfully – proven wrong. I still like my wine (and cocktails) but I’ll just be drinking them a little more responsibly from now on thank you very much.

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