Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why I love Hornchurch

Over my life I’ve lived in a grand total of two areas – and both in the same county! Hornchurch where I started life and live now and Colchester where I studied at University and lived for three years (even that was only during term time!)

Don’t get me wrong I love to travel and see new places – whether that’s here or abroad (but if it’s hot I’m bound to prefer it!) However, when it comes to where I live, I guess I am quite fond of where I’m from.

This Friday I spent an afternoon/evening with my Mum and Auntie (we’re trying to do more ‘girlie’ things the three of us) and it really made me think of how I enjoy having Hornchurch right there with all it has to offer.

In particular, the numerous amount of restaurants and our lovely Queen’s Theatre.

Right on my doorstep I can choose from an array of eateries – those from London I know this will seem a given but from a smaller Essex town I think we get a good deal. Chains, non-chains, pubs, bars, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Turkish, American, Mexican, fast food, English, cafes, the list goes on. There’s something for everyone and for a range of budgets.

This is also the case with the theatre – I can remember going to this place as child to see children’s plays and pantomimes. Now I’m older I’ve seen a number of plays, none of which have ever failed to impress me. Yes it’s a local theatre, small in size and with small-scale sets, but the acting is always strong and the prices aren’t horrendous.

If you fancy a bit of culture not too far from home and at a good price, it’s ideal.

Take for instance this year. As we all know I’m trying to enjoy new things and become a bit more cultured. I’ve already enjoyed amazing ballets, fascinating exhibitions and this week I’m set to see my first opera – all in London. I also decided to try local too.

I’ve booked up four shows at the Queen’s Theatre and they even do a great deal (Jump the Q) where you can get all three shows for just £45 (so £15 a ticket to see a play). The three this season are a mix of comedy and drama and are put on by regular production company ‘cut to the chase’.

In addition, I’ve booked something a little less cultured but what is set to be lots of fun(?!) – Puppetry of the Penis. I’ve already seen ‘Busting Out’ and ‘Vagina Monologues’ at this local attraction, so I’m sure this latest offering will be just as entertaining!

On Friday after enjoying the first play – A Passionate Woman – I happened to notice a flyer on our way out. I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised – to see the theatre was showing ballet, in fact the Moscow Ballet in their production of Coppélia. Of course I’ve already roped all my family in – it’s showing on the Easter bank holiday – so me, my boyfriend, my parents and my Auntie are all going to enjoy something a bit different this Easter Monday and go to watch the ballet. I can’t wait, especially how intimate it will be in such a small venue.

Again, the tickets were £25 this time, a great price for ballet!

I know this blog probably sounds like some forced publicity stunt/PR – and I apologise if this is all a little cheesy. But I have really noticed lately how lucky we are to have such good facilities on our doorstep like this and thought it was worth a mention!

And as for our cheap cinema (Premiere in Romford, just £4 a ticket for any film) and the fact they’re opening a local gallery, don’t even get me started!

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