Monday, 11 February 2013

Breaking through the barrier

Monday morning – snowing outside, cold when getting up, a whole week of work ahead. And for me…weigh in day.

This Monday I was hopeful, but very nervous. On weighing myself last week I found I had got back down to my lowest weight I’d managed to achieve (back in 2010 and 2012), but I’ve never been able to get any lower. I was really hoping I could try and achieve some sort of additional loss and break this barrier in front of me.

Last week I had two ‘bad’ days, Thursday and Sunday, where I consumed alcohol and ate fattening food. Due to different hours at work I also didn’t go to my usual spinning classes and so instead I ended up doing four days of my workout DVD and 1 day where I went spinning on the Saturday only.

I must admit I was starting to feel a bit smaller and I’d received a few compliments from various people on how slim I was looking, but I was still worried what Monday would bring.

This morning I got up and crept onto the scales and I was ecstatic (sounds extreme, but it’s true!) I’d lost two pounds in weight, making a total of 6lbs lost since the start of this year. And more importantly for me this meant I had crossed that bridge – I’d broken through the barrier of the same old weight and beaten it by two pounds.

It’s funny how little things like that can affect you, but I found it put me in such a good mood and I feel really re-energised to carry on exercising and eating healthily and pushing myself to get to an even better weight. It’s also proved to me I can achieve a balance of enjoying myself and having ‘treats’ and still losing weight by being ‘good’ on other days. This is something I’ve often found very hard.

I’ve also learnt to relax a bit more about watching what I eat and trying new things.

As you know this year I’ve been trying to do more, which I’ve achieved through various cultural events and visits and I feel I’m also changing in my attitudes to things too. I’m looking at things in a new light and approaching things differently. Trying to see things how they can help me/improve my life, rather than worrying and focussing on the down sides and how it might not be right for me/might not work out.

The result? I’m feeling great and very positive about things. How long this lasts who knows – perhaps I’m just on a high on discovering new things I like and achieving some goals, but for now I’m just going to enjoy it and not worry about when it may end that’s for sure…

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