Thursday, 27 September 2012

Too old to travel? Too boring to backpack?

Tonight is the third week of Channel 4's The Audience. As I've mentioned before I really like this concept and enjoy the problem solving journey as you watch.

Funnily enough this week is about travelling. Should the guy quit his job and go travelling? He has no mortgage, has never been anywhere particularly exotic on holiday. It seems a no brainer, but obviously as always with this program there'll be more to it.

For a long time I've seen work colleagues over the years go travelling and I've often wondered did I commit myself too early by buying a property and getting a mortgage when younger?

Since going to Thailand (yes I'm sorry I am going to mention it again!) I've really thought more about travelling.

Yes I've been very lucky and had a good childhood where I got to travel all over the world. I've been on some amazing holidays and breaks in my adulthood too.

However I've never travelled 'properly'. Always going on holidays, rather than going away for an extended period of time.

Now, as I'm 30, I've got a mortgage and I'm thinking more about the future and settling down, have I left it too late?

My boyfriend is just getting settled into his job after that awful period last year when he was out of work, and so travelling for him, I imagine is a no go.

I've not been in my job long enough to get a paid long term break to go travelling either.

There's times where I think I've still seen a lot of the world and still can.

Yet I've never completely cut off from real life and gone with just a backpack on, my passport and minimal cash. Have I ever really properly experienced a country?

Moreover would I be able to cope as a 'backpacker'? Yes over the years I'm getting better at packing lighter, but I'm certainly a far way from fitting everything in one compact bag.

Could I cope going on my own, or being apart from the man I love for so long? Is it safe? What if I got ill?

Just asking these questions makes me think I've got too 'old' and serious to go travelling.

Am I just wanting to go as my last holiday was so amazing? Am I going to regret it when I'm elderly and realise I've missed out. Or am I simply tempted to feel younger and more fun?

Nothing but questions!

Who knows. Perhaps I need the help of The Audience too!


  1. Blimey - you've got that travel bug! You're definately not too old though. There's no age limit on holding a passport you know. Just do it either before you have kids or you'll have to wait until any you do have fly the nest!

    As someone who works in an area where colleagues go and work in countries for years at a time, I think it's far better to just have lots of little holidays rather than one massive one!

    1. Thanks! I am coming around to the idea of lots of little holidays right now, in fact I've just booked for 6 nights in Turkey next week! Granted it'll be more a relax in the sun, than sightseeing and seeing the 'real' Turkey but still away from the UK...