Saturday, 29 September 2012

Life feels so much better when you've had your hair done

What is it about getting your hair done?

You know what I mean, that feeling of being refreshed, relaxed and confident.

I love getting my hair done. In fact I've had it done today!

Today did not start great.

Having woken up this morning after consuming far too much alcohol yesterday I wasn't feeling great. I then had my Saturday morning 60 minutes spin class to go to.

I dragged myself out of bed and went to get the bus to the gym - a little later than normal. I just missed it! (After running from my flat to catch it in a panic). So I started to walk, conscious there wasn't long until the class started.

Just as I was about a third of the way there and had crossed the road seeing that I'd also just missed an alternative bus at another stop, I saw the bus number I originally wanted to get - a second one had come along already! So I ran back over the road to catch it.

Therefore I turned up at the gym in a bit of a stressed out, sweaty mess. With just under 10 minutes until the class started. I felt relieved as our instructor on a Saturday is always a bit late to start as she runs another class beforehand.

I reach the spin studio a tad flustered and am met with Win. Our teacher from Tuesday nights who is very tough.

Yes on a day when I was already a tad hungover and had a flustered start to the morning I was faced with an hour of a super strict spin teacher too!

Well I survived. Yes it was super tough and I felt ill AND I was next to some old guy who literally left a bath of sweat on the floor around his bike (where I was expected to stand to do our stretches), but I made it.

Then began my next stress to get home from the gym, eat and get washed and dressed ready for my hairdresser to arrive. In less than an hour...

My hairdresser is amazing, a local lady she works in Sainsburys for her day job and then does her hairdressing on the side. She comes to your home and is such good value.

As soon as she got to the flat I started to finally unwind. We had a good old gossip and put the world to right as always. And she started doing my hair.

For the next two hours plus she dyed my hair, combed it, washed it, cut it, styled it, blow dried it and straightened it. My head now feels light, my hair is super soft and shiny and I just feel better in general.

There's something about someone touching your hair and pampering it which I find so therapeutic, I totally relax and often get a bit sleepy as I leave my hairdresser to play about with my hair.

Now maybe it's because she comes to my home, maybe it's because she's done my hair for so long now that I trust her, but I love getting my hair done. I now feel relaxed and human again.

Last night's alcohol consumption is forgotten, spinning's sweat and aches far far away. All with a bit of dye and some scissors!

Those of you reading this thinking 'I hate getting my hair done, it's so stressful, I worry non-stop...' You have not met the right hair stylist.

Believe me years back I too felt angst at getting my hair done - whether it be dyed, cut or simply trimmed. I didn't trust the people doing my hair and I always worried how it'd turn out. My neck ached when my hair was washed and I was never fully happy by the end.

I now know this was down to where and who did my hair. So if you hate hairdressers, get concerned over cutting or deliberate over dyes, change your stylist. After all as they say 'you're worth it'

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