Thursday, 13 September 2012

Decisions decisions

I am so indecisive. Even when simply sat in a restaurant chain eaterie I struggle to decide what I want to order. Starters or not. What colour wine? Do I want afters?

What usually happens is that I ask to be the last person in the group to order and if I'm with my man I opt for sharer starters or persuade him to get another main I like so I can try some of his!

At work I take my lunch in each day, on the odd occasion I haven't brought my food in with me I end up in a nightmare situation - struggling to decide what to get to eat.

When making important decisions I take my time and if others are involved I always try and keep everyone happy as much as I can. Which in turn makes decision making even tougher.

How do you know when you make decisions if you're making the right choice? Or whether you're being selfish, stupid or misguided.

So when I saw an advert for new Channel 4 programme The Audience I was extremely interested.

A person has a life dilemma facing them, for a week 50 people follow them and talk to the people involved. At the end the group have to make a joint decision and give this poor person their answer.

What makes me laugh is even here I can't decide. I thought oh what a great idea for a show and how nice to have all those people to guide you.

Then in the next breath? I don't know how I'd feel having complete strangers making such a big decision for me.

How are the people selected?

Before I get confused whether I even want to watch the show or not! I'm off to concentrate on it and see if I'm able to make a decision for someone else. Is it easier to pick a choice for someone you're not involved with?

Erm... Can I get back to you on that one?

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