Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Don't tell the bride - magical or mental?

As we all know I love trashy TV. I like nothing better than unwinding on my sofa after a day at work and letting my brain go numb as I enjoy programmes which need no thinking. Just sit back and enjoy the trash!

One of the shows I therefore love is Don't Tell The Bride.

For anyone who - insanely - hasn't seen this BBC Three offering, it focuses on a couple for a few weeks. The man gets a budget of £12,000 and after being separated from his girlfriend he has to plan and book an ENTIRE wedding.

The girl gets NO say at all on the day, no input at all.

Just think girls, that big day - some say the biggest day of your life and you're leaving it all to a man. The cake, the flowers, the venue, the hen do, the dress! Need I say more.

Nearly every time I watch this show I think why, why did you go on this show?? Why would you ever agree to it? Particularly when those girls feature who have their dream day in mind and are very set in their ways about what they will or won't have.

Of course if you really have no money and this is your only way to get married, well you're getting handed £12k for 'free' effectively.

I just can't get my head around the fact you put something so important on the TV for every trashy TV watching person to see. Your special day. Surely that should be private?

Also the cynical side of me says - why don't you talk before the show?? Yes, of course the rule of the show is not to communicate throughout the process. Nobody knows what you've told your man beforehand though do they?...

Just give them a list of what you want and hey presto! It's done!

Moreover, why are some of the people getting married? There are the guys who pick the opposite venue to what the bride would ever choose, those that waste most of the budget on jokey props or the stag do. And nobody will ever forgot the moron in the Las Vegas episode...

I for one would not go on this programme unless I was super desperate. However if we did have to go on there, I am pretty confident my man knows me well enough to know what I'd want and what we'd both want on our special day as a couple.

Most of these men (and to be fair women) seem to forget the point of marriage - love and spending the rest of your life with that special someone. Not an excuse for a party or being the most different.

Anyway I've got to get back to my trashy TV, there's a guy planning a heavy metal wedding this time and a girl who wants two wedding dresses...

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  1. Questions I ask myself every time I watch! Addictive viewing! Sadly I wouldn't trust my fiancé! :)