Friday, 24 August 2012

Bookworm: The Beach by Alex Garland

So I don’t really know anyone who hasn’t seen the film The Beach – you know Leonardo DiCaprio discovers an island paradise, they all go a bit mad… I’d imagine I’ve seen it at least 3 or 4 times now.

However, on booking my trip to Thailand and thinking of books to take (I went for a Thai inspired theme), I realised I’ve never actually read the book. And as we all know nine times out of ten, the book is always the better option.

I downloaded said book onto my Kindle and after leaving Bangkok and arriving on Koh Samui I decided to get stuck in and start reading.

On a side note this is the first holiday I’ve actually taken my Kindle with me, rather than paperbacks. I have been on holidays before since owning my e-reader, but have always worried too much about sand, sun tan lotion and losing it to take it away. Never again will I make this mistake.

It was so much easier taking a lightweight e-book device, rather than 3 or 4 chunky paperbacks, which not only weigh down your bag and take up precious luggage allowance, but tend to get loose pages, are a pain to hold and at times block out the sun.

I loved having my Kindle to read and the battery lasts so long, I didn’t even have to charge it that often either.

Anyway, I digress.

So The Beach. What did I think?

Well I loved it. I really like the film and as I’d hoped, the book keeps you hooked. You just don’t want to put it down. Interestingly the book is a lot darker as well and at the end there are real mind-messing events, not featured on the big screen.

As you’d expect, the film had created some variations compared to the book and certain things I’d been expecting to happen in the book didn’t occur. However, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing at all.

Good points
Addictive reading
Good descriptions
Accurate information on Thailand and visitors to Thailand will identify with situations and scenery referenced

Not so great
Ended too soon – I wanted to keep reading!

Overall I would definitely recommend The Beach, if you liked the film you will love the book!

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