Saturday, 4 August 2012

Time for a break

Next time I write this blog I'll be 30. I'll have also been on what (I hope) will have been one of my best holidays ever.

I am so excited today, in five hours my parents will pick me and my boyfriend up and take us to the airport.

I'm also pleased because for once in my life I seem to have actually learnt to pack light and my case seems well under weight!

Moreover I started my day with a big smile as I weighed myself one final time before our holiday. I've managed to lose just under three pounds in weight.

This figure now means I'm one stone and nine pounds lower in weight than I was when 2012 began.

In typical female fashion I'm still not satisfied and wish I could have got down to a lower weight. However I can't deny I'm really pleased with what I've achieved and feel I can hit that beach with a bit more confidence.

Whether my body rebels once the dieting stops and the spinning subsides who knows. Though I have been assured by people who've been to Thailand before that I'll likely stay in shape what with the humidity-induced sweating and the sorts of foods we'll be consuming.

It's odd, I always find I get a bit emotional near my birthday. One of my Granddad's birthdays was the same day as mine so I do often think of that. I always seem to think about things a lot more.

Embarrassingly it's already started and I've found myself overly emotional over a number of things. A kind gesture by work friends, feeling worried about my parents whilst I'm away and - I cannot believe I'm admitting this - I saw a clip of Eastenders last night and seeing even flipping Ian Beale homeless and helpless made me sad.

Thank goodness I am off for sun, new sights and relaxation before I turn into a complete sap!

So this will be my last blog for a little while and as with other holidays I hope to have a complete relaxing break - no phone, no blog, no social media (Facebook friends and Twitter followers will be relieved of the break I'm sure!)

I'll see you when I'm back!!

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