Thursday, 1 September 2011

Not dressed up, but somewhere to go

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on my hands, I have a fancy dress party to attend. In two days. My outfit? Still undecided.

I am normally super organised, at everything, yet for some reason I felt it’d be alright to not bother with my outfit until last minute. I have been feeling a bit rough this week – I still don’t quite know if I’ve got a cold or if this is just hayfever – and so my enthusiasm for said party is a bit lacking I admit.

Embarrassingly my boyfriend had his outfit picked weeks ago – he is recycling an ensemble purchased for a stag do a few years back and was only worn for all of an hour, but still… Being beaten on outfit planning by a man – a very masculine, not-that-into-fashion one at that – is not good.

The problem I also have is I’m feeling a bit porky at the moment (my own fault for lack of gym and stuffing my face for the last few months) and so I don’t want anything too revealing. Try being female and searching for fancy dress – ‘sexy’, ‘skimpy’, ‘fun’ (aka bordering on slutty) are what you face. Dressing up and trying to keep a bit of dignity do not go hand in hand for us ladies.

Granted, only recently I purchased a 1960s outfit, some have suggested I reuse this, but thanks to Facebook and me being a typical girl, there is just no way I can wear that again so soon. Plus I don’t think my hair would forgive me if I backcombed the hell out of it again already.

Although I thought it’d make things easier going to a party without a theme (after a 60s party and an upcoming 80s dress-code this was welcomed) I actually find the sheer volume of choice completely daunting and I’m getting so confused.

The host/birthday boy has also told me what he is going as and so I’m very conscious to make sure I don’t go as something associated with his attire/character as that’d look a bit weird. His girlfriend is not matching with him, so if I did, well, it’d just look wrong I feel.

Just when I think I’ve found something I like though I’m hit with the extortionate price tag accompanying it. What is this fascination with fancy dress parties anyway? You buy an outfit, you wear it once, you put it in the back of the wardrobe and never see it again. After all no matter how much you like your selection it feels wrong to wear the same thing to another fancy dress party and almost like cheating. Well for us girls anyway.

To make matters worse, last time I went to a fancy dress party for this guy me and his Mum ended up going in exactly the same costumes – Snow White. He also has them in a proper hall and people always make an effort and look good, so I can’t really go for a half-arsed homemade effort. Oh god, the more I blog about this, the more I am getting stressed out!

I’m going to get back to my searching –the adult mermaid costumes, sexy cop outfits, shipmate sweetie, kinky nurse and naughty nun, the list goes on and on and on. And the options get dirtier and shorter and more expensive.

Fancy dress? Bah humbug! …Oooh…what about Scrooge??

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