Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Every little counts

At the risk of jumping on a cheesy Tesco tagline, I'm really mindful at times of approaching life one little step at a time.

Today I weighed myself and finally I've lost two pounds!

No, not a huge weight loss or anything monumental, but it's progress and wow was I craving that.

The odd thing is - as I've likely said before, I never learn! - I'd started to get a bit more relaxed and had been eating 'badly'. Then miraculously the weight starts to move.

I read an interesting article this week about why your weightloss might be slow, it suggested that in fact you can end up eating more by obsessing over eating less.

And a recent TV documentary suggested exercising can indeed also lead to eating more than you need as you gear yourself up to needing the extra calories or indeed being deserving of eating more/consuming more calories as a reward.

Guilty as charged!

Being strict with my diet and exercising most days was tiring and I wasn't sleeping too well. When I jumped on the scales and saw no movement - well no positive movement - I was really starting to feel disheartened.

On Sunday we had our parents over for a meal. We had tea and biscuits and alcohol and nuts before the meal. Then we sat down to wine with dinner and three courses:

Mozarella, prosciutto Parmesan, oil and vinegar and bread to start.   

Duck breast with a plum sauce, mash, sugarsnap peas, baby corn and asparagus for main.

Ending with either apple crumble or chocolate brownie cake with cream.

I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I'd been to an rpm class in the morning but I didn't calorie count and I had a good chat and catch up with family. 

Surely I should put on? I'd been for lunch out Friday and cocktails on Friday night too. 

But no today I lost weight. 

I have no idea why but I am thankful. And I'm remembering every little counts.

It was the little boost I needed to stick at it, but also enjoy socialising and eating and drinking too. And not agonising if I don't exercise constantly.

Tomorrow I'm going to a talk by Jillian Michaels (my 30 Day Shred hero) and I hope she'll be more than a boost to my current mindset and diet and exercise  approach.

For now I'm making the most of the little steps in the right direction and I'll let you know how the talk goes.

It's her Maximise Your Life tour. Here's to minimising my body fat and maximising my progress! 

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