Monday, 19 January 2015

Beating the blues

I've decided I've found the way to beat January blues.

We all know what it’s like you have a big build up to Christmas, time off, presents, food and drink. Within 5 minutes it’s over and then bam you’re into a new year. It’s cold, it’s dark, you’re back to work and you’re skint. Happy days.

A few years back I decided to try Dry January and in turn ‘become more cultured’. The no drinking was tough and I found I just became a bit of a hermit and didn’t socialise for most of the month. I did however discover I liked ballet, am not a fan of the opera and like exhibitions/galleries depending on what they are.

Like everyone else I was feeling a bit down about the winter and having to go back to work – especially after having simply been eating, drinking and watching films over the Christmas break and totally messing up my sleeping patterns!

I’m finding it hard to get up in the mornings whilst it’s so dark and I am constantly sleepy by about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. However, I am finding a way to deal with it.

Plans. Lots of plans – I’ve been on a booking whirlwind – booking in friends to come visit our house who haven’t seen it yet, making social arrangements after work and booking shows I quite fancy the look of.

So far we’ve been to see Swan Lake at the London Coliseum, The Likes Of Us by a local group at our local theatre, a wedding exhibition at the V&A, been on a work team meal out and eaten Mexican street food.

This week I’m catching up with an old friend over a meal and drinks and am going out for cocktails on Friday night.

I’ve already got booked up next week a diet/coaching talk show, a spa day and a wedding show.

That’s not counting having family over at the weekend, booking up another ballet and already having tickets to the Ideal Home Show (thanks to my lovely friend, one of my Christmas presents).

It feels good to see my diary getting full and it doesn’t make January and winter seem so glum that’s for sure.

The other thing I’m of course doing is trying to get back in shape. I put on quite a fair bit of weight over Christmas and in fact since moving into our house together. So I’ve also been trying to be strict since New Years Day and am exercising and eating a healthy diet/watching my calories.

Last week when I weighed myself I was a tad disappointed with progress however and tomorrow I plan to weigh myself again – another week in. So let’s just see how successful this blues beating approach is then…

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