Friday, 7 November 2014

Workman woes

I know a friend who took a week off work to get some DIY done in her flat. She just about got one quote for work, let alone anyone turn up to do it.

My parents tried countless times to get the ceiling around their loft cover repaired.

I know many people who've waited in often to find nobody turns up.

Up until recently I never really had much personal experience with workmen. Now, owning a house, a house which was originally built 44 years ago, I need to deal with such people.

And oh how I wish I didn't need to.

We need to get a loft ladder fitted, that's all. Pretty simple. 

After a couple of weeks in our new home we were armed with a recommended workman to use. So we make arrangements for him to come over.

He didn't turn up. He didn't respond to messages asking where he was. And, we've not heard from him since.

This week we've gone through nearly three days worth of fun with a workman. To be fair he was the best of a bad bunch in the company we were using and by some miracle he turned up relatively on time.

He drank copious amounts of hot drinks and was quite vocal if we dared to forget to offer him one. 

At least he turned up though.

Although his customer facing skills were about as good as those people often complain about tech bods having.

What I don't get through it all is this, how do these people get business?

They turn up when they like, if at all.

If you contact them they don't reply when needed, it's on their terms.

Imagine in any other business, not delivering when you say you will. Not turning up. Not responding to comms.

You'd get the sack.

And if you were self employed you wouldn't get many customers. 

So how do these guys survive and make money?

And why are they like they are? 

Is there some secret circle like magicians? 

If they don't want to do a job how comes they don't just tell you so?

I did use Rated People to get the gas and electrics tested before purchasing our house and to be fair they turned up and seemed legitimate and fair in their approach and costs.

Maybe that's the way forward I thought, but then my parents tried it and had a couple of seemingly dodgy responses and visits.

I thought then you go by word of mouth, but again that option seems to fall flat.

So, if anyone out there has any tips how to find the good guys amongst workmen let me know.

And if you are a workman or know someone who is please please do let us know what the secret is. 

Until then I'm going to be a nervous wreck having to use workmen and thank goodness my future father in law is so handy! 

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