Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fifty shades of grey ...carpet

Another day another post to share my new home stories with you. 

I'm currently on my way home, hopefully heading home to another completed feature wall wallpapered by my lovely future father in law and my fiancé. 

As my fiancé said today you do one thing and another five seem to pop up that need help. 

He's right. My To Do list for the home just keeps on growing. 

We've decided to just get the two main bedrooms done and take delivery of our sofa and dining set and then hopefully we'll be done until the new year.

Although I love kitting out the house and dressing rooms with lovely new furnishings, I do agree with my partner that it would be nice to just enjoy our home together.

I.e. not spend every spare moment decorating, planning or shopping. Although ooh how I am getting skilled at spending on things for our house!

Our change in taste continues to shine through. This came to light on Sunday when we purchased the ornate black mirror and black chandelier style light fitting for our main bedroom. I was beaming. My partner was not too impressed (nor moreso with the duvet set I showed him when he came home from work Saturday night). 

However, after painting and having wardrobes fitted we've pulled up two sets of carpets in the two main bedrooms. So off we went carpet shopping.

I thought we'd agreed a light grey in our black and white bedroom and some shade of cream for our guest room.

Oh dear. Who knew. We proceeded to take near on 30 minutes picking out carpets (and even then still changed our minds last minute when we realised we'd missed the 50% off ranges!)

The crowning moment was standing looking at huge rolls of carpet and flipping through numerous samples and just not being able to agree on the shade of grey.

Yes seriously.

Brings a whole new meaning to 50 Shades of Grey eh?

You'll be pleased to know we eventually got a great deal and compromised to get two carpets we could both live with. Hooray! 

It also begs the question what on earth are we going to do in a few weeks when  hopefully the main things we'd planned are sorted? 

Panic about Christmas that's what!

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