Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Terrible Tuesdays

II hate Tuesdays. 

I don't know what it is, but I always seem to have bad luck on a Tuesday. 

Today is no exception.

There's been one frustrating thing after another today. Which is why I've taken myself out the office and am now sat in Costa with a skinny hot chocolate as a 'treat' to try cheer up.

I won't go into every detail, but there's been lots to push my buttons today. My work email and computer playing up all day so far and making work near on impossible isn't helping.

The main culprit of sadness, anger and annoyance today? 

I've been the victim of credit card fraud.


I got home last night to a letter from a credit card company kindly letting me know they've been made suspicious. Someone seems to have registered for a credit card pretending to be me.


My first reaction to be honest was it must be junk mail. I've had a constant flood of spam since moving. And was this some sort of scam?

After being on the phone for ages last night and then again this morning, no it appears not. It is real.

Another thing to add to my neverending to do list it seems. 

To be fair the company have so far been great and the lady I dealt with was very helpful.

It also seems so far to be the only attempt.

Now, however, I have become Little Miss Paranoid and if im honest I feel a bit freaked out.

I'm going to be so anal now over my details and shredding etc I can already tell.

They've pretended to be me. I've obviously left some details stupidly during the moving process and some scumbag has decided to try be me and use my credit.

Thankfully they don't seem to have actually spent anything yet. Who knows maybe it was some random mistake.

For now, I've decided I'm going to try stop moping, sulking and stropping.

I'm going to sip my comforting hot chocolate, relax on my break and then focus on the next few hours before I'll be back at home and can enjoy my evening. 

Let's just hope there aren't any other 'surprises' awaiting me when I get home as this Terrible Tuesday has been more than troublesome enough! 

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