Monday, 10 November 2014

Interior addict

Six weeks ago today we moved into our house, our first home together.

I can safely say at this point I'm becoming obsessed with home improvements and decor. 

No sooner do we work on one element of a room or area, I'm thinking up what I want to change next. 

I'm hoping in a few weeks time I'll have calmed down as all the 'big' items will be sorted.

The rate I'm going though who knows.

My fiancĂ© at this point has had enough and just wants to live in the house. 

Me? I was beaming like a Cheshire Cat yesterday upon purchasing an oversized black ornate mirror for our bedroom.

I ooh and aah over our 'boutique hotel' bedroom, my partner refers to it as 'a tarts boudoir'. 

From the minute I wake up until the moment I go to sleep I'm thinking of wallpaper, carpet, light fittings, bedding and more.

Walking round homeware shops has become my new favourite pastime. 

I can't even describe how proud I felt at the weekend upon getting all my clothes, shoes and bags into our new fitted wardrobes. 

And the relief yesterday at ordering our bedroom carpets was ridiculous. 

Plus Christmas is fast approaching and I've said I'll do Christmas Day at ours. 

Cards, presents, any social plans for Christmas are all still TBC. I am obsessed with getting things right in the house first!

I saw someone share a picture that it's 7 Saturdays left until Christmas. That really stressed me out as I have so many home things to get done before then. How on earth am I going to fit in actual festive preparations themselves? 

Even eating out or watching TV programs I'm getting distracted by decor I notice or things that might tie into our 'themes'.

Someone please tell me this will stop as I don't think my fiancĂ© and moreso my credit card can take much more! 

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