Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bookworm: Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

I admit it I own a number of Picoult's books and in the main have loved them all. Sure they always follow a similar pattern - people in a moral dilemma and a court case, but then they also add a different edge with references to a host of issues ranging from paganism, American Indian beliefs, religion, terminal illness, childhood disorders and more.

The last few stories I've read by this author however I have found a struggle and I felt I was growing tired of her writing style - the familiar format becoming too obvious.

Thank goodness for Sing You Home, yes it does involve moral dilemmas and surprise surprise a court case makes an appearance again. However, this time round not only is the issue of IVF tackled but moreover gay couples.

Covering something more controversial like this really drew me into the book. I'm a little bookworm and read whenever I can, but I've been a bit poorly the latter end of this week so I've found more time to read and so have whizzed through this book.

When I first started the book it did bring my mood down and I worried it was going to be a depressing read. However, once I got going I found the main characters of Zoe and Max interesting and I was hooked on how their characters were developing. I also enjoyed learning about music therapy (something lead character Zoe works in as her career).

Good points
Tackles a tough but important subject
Interesting read
Strong characters
As always feels very well researched

Not so great
Bit of a cheesy ending
Some characteristics of the religious characters seem a bit far fetched
Would be good if Picoult could break from the same templated formula used on every book

Her next piece of fiction is Lone Wolf - this time focussing on two siblings torn over what action to take over their parent in a coma. I will likely give it a go, but I can almost predict the book now, something which I think the author really needs to start considering.

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