Saturday, 26 May 2012

Lazy days in the park

With their heads held high, they gracefully glide across the rippling waters of the lake
Then upside down, ducking down, tail feathers up, the swans take a cooling break

A faint breeze lightly strokes my skin and causes my hair to tickle my face
The sun beating down, causing patterns on my eyelids and tanning each exposed place

Quiet. Peaceful. No noise, apart from the breeze winding its way through branches and reeds
The trees sway gently in the wind, carrying the faint cries of children playing nearby, 'whose in the lead?'

Blankets adorn the grass, laden with ice cold drinks and picnic treats
Potato salad, sandwiches, dips, cheeses and meats

Friends create makeshift pitches and divide into teams
Couples walk past, holding hands and licking ice creams

Nothing to see but trees, grass and clear blue sky
Reading or sleeping, eating or drinking, on this blanket I continue to lie

Occasional quacking from the ducks nearby, furry ducklings travelling along in a long line
Only the heavy pant of a dog or the jingle of its collar makes me jump from my relaxing time

Sunglasses, suncream, summerwear all come out today
Everyone hoping this glorious sun is here to stay

Old couples share memories overlooking the lake from a wooden bench seat
Young children learn to feed the ducks, nervous as the big swans start to gather by their feet

No cares or worries just dozing listening to the occasional bird tweet, duck quack or dog bark
Nothing can spoil hot, sunny, lazy days in the park

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