Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Moroccan memories

The aroma of spices wafts across the room
A tagine bubbling in the corner, to be feasted on soon

Dark mysterious eyes behind a clothed body and covered face
A pointy hooded cloak and leather slippered feet, wandering at a leisurely pace

Skin dark like cocoa from the bright beating sun
Soft to the touch, thanks to Argan oil, so many products made from just one

Cinammon, sugar, saffron and meat
Rich dips, doughy bread, so many biscuits and pastries, all delicious to eat

People so friendly, always wanting to be helpful
Keen to make friends, and of your life learn it all

Making friends and haggling in the souk
So many sights and sounds you could fill a book

Everyone wants you to "come talk to me"
Sit down and chat, over a hot glass of mint tea

Trays packed full of all types of fish
In the local market, pick a stall and just sit down to enjoy a dish

Soft supple slippers, carpets, jewellery and scarves
Endless rows of gifts, they don't do markets by halves

Early each morning locals come to run on the beach
Arabic couples taking walks on the promenade as boats bob on the sea

Men full of compliments for the female tourists, "so beautiful"
Offerings of camels add to the magic of it all

A host of animals, birds and fountains in bird valley
You'll soon find your way, to help guide you the locals are more than happy

Being made to feel like one of the family in souks in the Berber community
'God country king#', the nearby hill tells of the history

Although we've had some rain, I've loved my time here
The friendly, scenic, mysterious but magical Moroccan area of Agadir

Written whilst in holiday in Agadir, November 2011

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