Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mystery of Morocco

So as of the early hours of Monday morning, I will be off on a plane on my holidays! A much-needed week of sun, sand, nice food and a bit of booze.

I’ve decided I am going to see the local sights, walk along the never-ending beach, read some books and listen to music. As well as this I am going to leave my phone at home, so no social media, texting or calling for me. This is my way of trying to relax, however there is a downfall…

I love writing my blog and I have realised I won’t be blogging for a whole week. Granted, the 5* hotel I am going to probably has WiFi, but that kind of defeats the object of my relaxing without being surrounded by technology approach to things. So, I decided - as I explained to my boyfriend earlier when he teased me about this matter – I am going to take a notebook with me and use the old fashioned approach. I will write about my travels with a traditional pen and paper and then type them up and upload them when I get home.

I’m hoping that when I come back I will be able to share my experiences with you and perhaps I might get inspired to write a bit of poetry or a short story whilst I’m there too. You’ll have to wait and see.

So for this week while I’m off just try to imagine a big-mouthed Essex girl, who hasn’t had time to exercise and diet properly before donning a bikini and summerwear, trying to relax whilst sharing a hotel room with her parents and trying to last a week with said parents without arguments. Throw in the chance of the weather potentially not going as planned, the Moroccan waiters might lead to some ‘interesting’ experiences (as in their approach to women before you get any naughty thoughts, I AM attached remember!) and mine and Mum’s cases likely to be too over-filled and overweight at check-in and I’m sure that’ll keep you entertained for a fair few hours…

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