Sunday, 6 November 2011

It’s not Christmas yet!

I know I am running the risk big time of being labelled a Scrooge, but after being bombarded with Christmas themed adverts, seasonal decorations and festive aisles in all the shops, I felt I had to blog.

My boyfriend absolutely adores Christmas, he gets really excited at all the run up to the festivities and loves splashing out on presents for everyone. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Christmas too, but I think because I have such a small family perhaps I don’t appreciate it quite as much as him.

The one thing that really gets me every year though is the fact we have to have Christmas forced down our throats earlier and earlier each year. The adverts start earlier, the shops get decorated earlier and Christmas-themed goods come out at least two months before.

Like anyone I love the feel-good vibe of Christmas time and the idea of everyone getting along, the celebrations, the lovely food, seeing loved ones faces when they open their gifts. However, I want to enjoy it at Christmas. I don’t want to celebrate Christmas when I’m considering my Halloween costume, as I’m arranging to visit a fireworks display or as I’m trying to diet to get into that dress for a night out.

In fact, my boyfriend has just asked me the date today as I tutted at yet another advert telling me Christmas is coming and said it is around 50 days left until the big day. That’s ages I’ve argued and he’s delighted in telling me when I get back from my holiday it’ll only be a month until Christmas.

I see countless status updates on Facebook about how people have finished their Christmas shopping already and I’m just waiting for the first person to announce their tree is up. One advert has just said Christmas delivery ends soon….it is early November??

When you get to Christmas as well it always seems such a big build up and it feels a bit sad when it’s over, you get ready for it for so long and then after a couple of days of celebrations it’s gone. So why make that run up start so early?

I’ll leave it there as I don’t want to start getting hate mail for daring to slate Santa and his festive frolics, but please for my sanity can we just lay off the Christmas singing and dancing just for a few weeks?

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