Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Winter is coming

Your alarm goes off, you're met with darkness
Just five more minutes of your bed and its cosyness

An extra few minutes under a scalding shower
The wind outside blowing with all its power

All wrapped up in thick coats, scarves and gloves
You waddle in the snow, holding hands with the one you love

Children playing in fallen leaves and then the snow
As you rush home, house and pub windows have a warm, welcoming glow

Ice cold wind nipping at your cheeks and ears
Your nose tingles and eyes are filled with frosty tears

When reaching home you wear warm, supersoft clothes, changing out of your damp and heavy jacket
Your hands wrapped around the cup as you sip a warm hot chocolate

Huddled up on the sofa, the cold dark world outside your window
Enjoying bowls of steaming soup and hearty stew, which makes your skin glow

Long country walks, your breath a steamy puff in front of your face
Going for a big, hot, meaty, pub pie at your favourite place

Looking forward to the weekend and your Mum's Sunday Roast
Thoughts of Christmas soon coming and time with those you love most

As the evenings get dark more quickly, wrapped in a blanket you lay
Bus heaters and your radiator switched on, winter is on its way

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