Saturday, 22 October 2011

Never forgotten x

Originally posted on Saturday 22nd October, but somehow has disappeared off the blog...

Always there to help someone out
So many memories to talk about

Full of advice and words of guidance
Constantly showing his wife romance

A great strong man, yet scared of birds
If you ever felt down he always had kind words

Memories of sitting on his back riding round like a horse
My audience as I put on pretend shows, me the star of course

Never afraid to look the fool
He'd play make believe games with me and let me rule

Staying over as a young child - back scratches and morning biscuits in bed
Feeling ever protected, dancing at family parties, him towering over my head

A man who lived life to the full
You'd never have guessed his age, he always had a ball

He would do absolutely anything for my Aunt
Where she was concerned there was no such word as can't

Loved by so so many, he'll always be so missed
A huge array of good points, too many to list

Advising friends and family on careers and life decisions
But me helping him pick which horses to bet on, he'd love to watch racing on television

An avid Arsenal fan, he loved his football
But his family and wife he loved most of all

I'll always cherish a holiday we went on in Portugal
His overprotective nature with me, even when I was grown up and no longer small

Still even now I cannot believe you are gone
I love you so much and will always miss you. My amazing, wonderful, dear, Uncle Tom

In memory of my Uncle Tom, whose birthday it would have been today xx

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