Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Another reason to hate injections

As we all know I hate injections, so can you imagine how I am feeling on braving it, facing my fears and going for them on Friday to be met with...getting ill.

Yes I had my flu jab on Friday, even got a sticker (seriously!) and then woke up a few days later feeling ill.

I've been getting a flu jab as a matter of course for the last few years, due to having asthma you are actively encouraged to do so. I'll be honest I've never felt ill after it before - just an achey, heavy arm and feeling queasy in general from facing the needle...

This time round for some reason I have fallen ill. I've got a temperature, sore throat, runny nose, lightheaded, headache, the works. It is not nice. Particularly when I reasoned with myself it was better to get it sooner rather than later, to stop me getting ill in my new job. No, no, no, instead the jab has given me symptoms on possibly the worst week to do so at work.

I've had a day off ill today as I felt so bad and in a bid to try and be a bit more normal to see my clients tomorrow. I've rested, drunk fluids, had nice hot soup, kept warm indoors, slept lots (in between checking work emails) and am attempting to burn it out with a spicy Indian or Thai curry for dinner, not sure what's best...

On mentioning feeling ill after injections, numerous people have asked if I'd had the flu jab and told me not to bother as it makes you ill! Some of these people work in the health profession, another has asthma like me...Perhaps I have been lucky in the past when I haven't got ill.

I'm so pleased now we did NFL for my boyfriend's birthday on Sunday. Yesterday was his actual birthday and after sniffling my way through work I had dinner and birthday cake with his family and then had to go home ill...

Anyway I will leave you now after my little moan, I'm off to feel sorry for myself again, before an early night.


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