Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shellac sham

Okay, I am going to rant. Sitting here with dried out, partly pink stained, nearly-see-through tipped nails I think I'm entitled to.
I am not hugely into beauty treatments, but have been becoming increasingly interested over the last few months. However, I don't tend to fall for the typical beauty b.s. that ads and beauty counter staff try and feed you about how great this latest treatment is.

However, this time in the case of shellac I fell far. Tempted by the idea of a nail varnish that could last 14days I decided to give it a go. I researched online too to check if it would damage my nails as they'd just reached a nice state - from a few recent manicures - where they were strong, long and shiny. Plus years back I stupidly tried acrylic nails and was left with paper thin, bendy nails. Everything seemed okay and you could remove them yourself by soaking your nails in acetone. I decided to give it a go.

I enjoyed the whole experience of having them done, treatments always relax me, the nails dried quick, looked good and didn't take too long. I also can't complain about the salon. They said I could remove them myself, charged a reasonable price and told me how long to expect them to last.

Now in terms of wear they have lasted around 17 days before chipping. Great results. Last night, however, I decided to remove them. It took me around an hour of countless acetone soaking. Then I was met with most of my fingernails being dried out, or having remnants of the varnish on them, which this morning are still there. The tips of my nails have gone from their usual bold white to an almost sheer appearance. Strange that when shellac isn't meant to be bad for your nails and allows air to them and let's them grow (granted, they have grown).

I even suggested to a friend of mine to consider them for her wedding, now I am not so sure...

I'm sure some of you will think why was I a mug believing the hype at the start and believe me I won't again.

I have a loyalty card at my salon and am due a free rebuff and varnish. I think I shall be taking that thank you very much. I shall stock to my usual idea of natural is best and go hunt out a HUGE bottle of nail cream!

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