Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Daddy's Girl

I’ve got his super quick temper and patience so thin
His slightly squashy nose and over oily skin
His always in the right attitude which sometimes causes strife
Like him, tending to think I know best about most things in life

When living at home our similar ways could cause us to clash
Exchanging words often harsh and brash
Both eating food too fast and enjoying our booze
As I’m getting older, both of us are now prone to an early snooze

But we are also quick thinkers and like to work our hardest
Problem solving and keen to make sure we’re always doing our best
Proactive and ambitious, we’re quite academic
An office related job more suited to us than something manual skill specific

Not a DIY extraordinaire or a football loving fan
He’s much more of a holiday-going and F1 sort of man
A life to be proud of – having worked his way up from humble beginnings
But not smug or a show off about his life and job winnings

He is always there to advise on finance, life and career
No matter what’s going on I know he will be here
Ready waiting with a list of points to run through
He will research hard and without fail do his best to help you

Always ready with a story – sometimes some which might drive you mad
He’s often cheered me up and given me a boost when I felt sad
I would never want to change him, he is the only one I’ve ever had
I love him with all my heart and will always look up to him, he is of course my number one man, my wonderful, amazing and super Dad

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