Thursday, 1 September 2011

Summer Sulk

Er hello? Where has the Summer gone?

I’m sorry, but I can’t let this go by without commenting on it. I love the sun and like to get out in it as much as I can. When we decided to save up this year to get some cash in order to get a place together I braced myself for the fact this would be another year without a holiday.

Now, I apologise to anyone who doesn’t holiday that often and for sounding like a spoilt little madam, but I admit I am an annual leave addict and like to get on a plane and go relax once a year without fail. The only year in my life – which I guess shows I have been pretty privileged on reflection – I didn’t go on holiday was the year I purchased my flat. Every other year of my life I have been on holiday and abroad at that.

The only downfall with this is you come to expect a holiday, your skin is used to getting the sun and you crave it. The weather forecasters – as per – predicted scorching temperatures and an ‘Indian Summer’ this year (hmm sounds familiar...) and so I tried to reassure myself I could cope if the weather was holidayesque in the UK at least.

But no no no, not England, no it couldn’t be a nice Summer could it. Oh no, I’m not going away so in fact let’s make it one of the coldest Summers instead. Great. I love waking up in August to grey skies and goosebumpy skin.

So now today we found ourselves in September – how on earth did that come around?? September, i.e. kids go back to school and Autumn is meant to start. What happens? We go to work in covered-up-clothes and sensible shoes and are met with a boiling hot lunchbreak and sweaty commute.

I’ve also chosen to start a new job in the month when everybody knows people go away, so not only am I met with a probation period without annual leave allowed, but also the fact that seemingly everyone else is going away. Those empty seats taunt me every time I look round the room! The joke is even if I was allowed annual leave (which I’m sure wouldn’t be totally frowned upon seeing as everything so far seems really fair and friendly), I can’t jump on a plane anyway as I’m supposed to be saving.

I’m not too good at the whole being happy for those going away either – my parents are a great example of this, they basically spend their retirement going on holiday. I don’t like this and find it hard not to get jealous! As the bank holiday approached and I looked forward to my plans, I soon felt my mood come crashing down as friends and colleagues took days off to extend the long weekend and went abroad instead.

It’s funny though how when we do get the odd sunny day we quickly forget them and complaints of ‘We’ve had no sun’ or ‘no Summer’ are quickly thrown around. I am just as guilty of doing that.

I’m just going to curl up on the sofa, in my cardi, with a cup of tea and console myself by giggling at Celebrity Juice. Ah Mark from Only Way Is Essex and Rochelle from the Saturdays (also from Romford) – a good bit of Essex ‘talent’ will keep me entertained I’m sure!!

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