Sunday, 3 July 2011

The music of happiness

Sorry everyone, I really did mean to blog yesterday, but unfortunately the M1 was against me.

Last night I went to see the almighty Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl, their amazing set finished around 1030pm or so. However, leaving was not so easy, we got back to the car around 11 or so and managed to get out the car park about midnight. Then began the lovely journey home. What should have taken around 1hr 10 or so, actually resulted in us reaching my little flat gone 4am.

If it wasn’t for my man finding an escape off the M1, following random A roads and ignoring the sat nav’s insistence to rejoin it, I imagine we would have got home a lot lot later.

So there you have my excuse for not blogging – I was in no fit state to start typing at that time. Trying to go to sleep as the birds started singing was not ideal, granted this would have been a common occurrence when I was younger, but nowadays I normally get in around 2am latest from any of my nights out.

Anyway, as I was saying the gig was great – a really good set, they played a whole host of hits and what topped it all off was the likes of Roger Taylor, the drummer from Queen and Alice Cooper joining them on stage at various points. Oh and the cool firework display as they left the stage.

I genuinely thoroughly enjoyed myself and I felt so happy last night as I stood amongst thousands of people all there to rock out to Mr Dave Grohl and his talented band. Weird I know to start judging your life when you’re at a music concert meant to relax you and forget all your troubles. Maybe it was the beer or wine I’d consumed? Who knows. But I felt so happy yesterday, the relief at having handed my notice in and having a new job to go. Feeling that weight off my shoulders, I jumped around like a nutter and really let my hair down and I felt really close to my man too. I felt like the old me, ready to take on a new chapter in my life.

One thing that the Foo Fighters did mention a number of times and I recall also bringing up at the Isle of Wight, was how they have been going so long and on their natural talents as a rock band – no sound effects or computers, they play as they are with good old fashioned instruments. So does that make them any better than any other music out there?

To me, I think there is no question how talented they are and what a great show they put on, their tracks are all fabulous and never fail to entertain. However, for me music is about a number of things and mainly how it makes you feel – does a song have the power to make you cry, make you feel overwhelmed with happiness, or fill you with so much energy you just want to go out and get on the dancefloor there and then?

Why do people often argue that unless music artists use traditional methods to play they’re cheating in some way and the music isn’t as valid or of genuine quality? I like a mix of music, some of which are much to my boyfriend’s distaste. I like rock, I like garage, I like R&B, I like cheesy chart hits and pop, dance music, popular club tracks, 80s cheese, 60s legends, Indie acts and I also like random talent by lesser known artists that I may not have experienced before. The only music I’d say I don’t really enjoy right now is classical; it’s never really been something I’ve been into. Knowing me though someone will introduce it to me at some point and I’ll start liking that too!

It’s funny, I’ve realised a lot of the music I’m into has been introduced to me at some stage by people in my life and those around me definitely have a strong influence on my musical interests.

To me music is about how it makes the audience feel and how they achieve this is up to them, it’s important to evolve and try new tactics. However, as the saying goes if it aint broke don’t fix it!

All I know is last night I was lucky to experience a band whose career has spanned 16 years for about the fourth time in my life and I hope I get to many more times. For now it’s off to a family get together and then off to see Robbie and the boys at the Take That concert at Wembley on Tuesday. Told you my musical taste was varied!

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