Thursday, 7 July 2011

Is there a limit to good luck?

I’ve often wondered if everyone gets allotted a set amount of good things in their life at one time and that’s it. Sound a bit random? Okay, hear me out...

What I’m basing this is on is the fact that throughout my life it always seems to be that if one part is good another part has to suffer – e.g.  good career means relationship issues, or good relationship then tallies with arguing with my family and so on. So, do we get an allowance of so many positive things in our life and then we have to get some bad to balance it up?

I was worrying about this today and now panic I have jinxed today somewhat. I have had lots of positive stuff lately and friends and family around me have had the same, so then does that mean some bad is to come? Yep, unfortunately that is exactly what it meant as I’ve just realised this afternoon!

I was buzzing from an absolutely amazing surprise from one of my friends -  a secret parcel delivered to my office congratulating me on my new role. This involved a beautiful box (duck egg blue with brown polka dots and a brown ribbon tying it up) filled with messaged, brightly coloured cupcakes, telling me Well Done. I was so so pleased and felt my eyes well up at what a nice gesture this was (let alone how yummy these delicious morsels will be! Well if I can bring myself to open them up and devour them, they are so pretty...)

Next minute I get a text telling me just what I didn’t want to hear and brings me smash back down to reality and the grey miserable day that is today. Why is life so unfair?

Obviously life can’t be a bed of roses all the time, but seriously can we not just have a little bit more positive outcomes versus negative?

Also how comes then some people get all the bad luck, I was watching a TV programme recently, which will go unnamed because of the shame of watching it, but a young girl on there had been severely burned when she was young. This poor lady had extreme facial scarring as a result and had faced bullying when she was younger, not just from strangers but from her family alike! Then she’s now battling with cancer later on in her twenties.

I also used to have someone who lived near me who had loads of bad luck – catching a rare stomach bug on holiday which left them with serious health issues for the rest of their life, having a bad relationship, having bad luck with jobs etc. We all joke in soaps that some families are destined for lots of bad things to happen and how unrealistic it is and cry ‘as if that would happen’. But unfortunately for some people it really does seem that luck is not on their side.

Oh well not to fret apparently the News of the World is going to be stopped after this Sunday amid the recent allegations. Hurrah!

Oh no, hang on a minute, let’s just balance it up - this means lots of people will lose their jobs (probably people who had nothing to do with the proposed scandal) and the Sun is now apparently changing to a 7 days a week newspaper. Here we go again...

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