Wednesday, 7 August 2013

30 Day Shred: the results

I've become a tad obsessive of late with the 30 Day Shred, I constantly visit its hashtag on Twitter and I keep looking for signs it's worked/working. I've even had strangers sharing tips, work colleagues starting the plan too and people asking my advice on Facebook.

30 Day Shred has pretty much been my personal life.

So now thirty days down what do I think?

First off I'm having a 'fat day' today so it's probably not the best day for me to judge this plan as I'm feeling a bit of a whale! 

However, the facts and figures can't be denied I admit, regardless of how I personally think I look.

As you'll see from the image below I have seen results from this workout.

The plan goes for thirty days and I decided this time to follow it solidly everyday consistently and work up through the levels. 10 days on level 1, level 2 for ten days and a further 10 days for level three. 

There are resources online to follow a set diet Michaels prescribes, however I wanted to just eat a healthy balanced diet, I'm not a fan of fad diets. 

I've stuck mainly to my diet, although there have been a few odd days on some weekends when I've had to eat out or drink some alcohol. 

A key improvement I've seen is my core, definitely improved and I've worked my way up through the levels. I definitely have more defined back, shoulders and arms. I'm disappointed I didn't see more of a 'shred' on my thighs and tummy, but I'm pleased my bum has a bit of shape now from all the squat-like moves (it kinda disappeared through spinning!)  

So what have I achieved? In total nine pounds lost in weight. No not 20lbs suggested by the DVD, but I'm not too disheartened as I've seen most people report similar. The best results can be seen in my measurements, three inches off my waist is pretty impressive even I admit.

I think the problem I had was that I'd seen such good results by day 20, I was really thinking I'd get amazing results by day 30. There wasn't that big leap I had set my heart on.

However, I can't deny I've done well overall and I would certainly use this plan again.

For now, I want to exercise/eat healthily up until my birthday week off I've got planned so I'm doing the shred until Friday for another three days. 

I decided I'll mix it up and so am doing level one for day 31, level two for day 32 and level three for day 33. I just hope it gives me another kick and gives me a few final results! 

I've then got a busy and calorie laden rest of the month ahead so who knows what's next. Now I've got to decide what else I can do to try keep shrinking my body, I've got a long way to go yet!

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