Monday, 12 August 2013

Bookworm: The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox

I was introduced to the delights of the Fleet Street Fox by a friend who told me about her blog and Tweets and then kindly leant me the book.

Admittedly I'd not heard of this journalist, who became popular following her anonymous blog letting people in on the secrets of life on a tabloid newspaper. 

However from what my friend told me I was pretty sure I'd enjoy this book.

The reader gets treated to a double dose of an insight into Foxy's divorce and her life working on a tabloid. 

It was nice to read a book that was non fiction for once, albeit many parts are exaggerated for entertainment value. 

Having always wanted to be a journalist and having completed various work experience placements on local papers and bigger names such as News International and The Independent I've seen how life runs for a journalist to an extent. 

Being a nosey female I also enjoy getting the inside on somebody's relationship. This book seemed an ideal combination.

I really enjoyed the Fleet Street Fox's style of writing, she keeps you gripped with a fast pace and plenty of humour. Many a time I laughed out loud at her witty remarks and anecdotes. Then the parts where she focuses on her relationship and her true feelings are very heartfelt and you feel for her.

It was great to read about a strong woman in real life, but also see how she copes when things do go wrong. 

I loved the stories of life in the newsroom and it made me think back to memories of former work experience placements and the characters I came into contact with. 

Good points
Fast, gripping and addictive read
Mix of emotions 

Not so great
At times I did wish the main focus wasn't just the divorce Foxy goes through and wished I was hearing about other aspects of her life. For that perhaps I should check out her Twitter or blog though 
Some points were a bit repetitive 

All in all I enjoyed this read and am grateful to my friend for introducing me to it. I would definitely recommend and am keen to check out other offerings from the Fleet Street Fox. Opinions, gossip, scandal and emotion - a great mix.

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