Friday, 13 February 2015

Having a (Nutri) Blast!

This year something has changed, something which is impacting on my skin, my exercise routines and my energy levels.

It is a new arrival in our kitchen.

And I am obsessed with it.

A NutriBullet.

My fiancé asked for the machine for Christmas and after a bit of exchanging (the first one was damaged) he had one of the popular food extractors (fancy blender/juicer).

I’ll be honest I wasn’t too fussed about getting one (particularly as we’ve already got a standard blender we bought when moving in and still haven’t used) and we were given a hand blender as one of our joint gifts at Christmas.

I thought this is another one of those dieting fads. ‘But look how fast it blitzes everything up’, ‘watch the video of how little waste there is’, ‘see how you get all the nutrients direct, it’s so good for you’. And so on.

Cut to now, I am addicted to this little black machine. I look forward to thinking up juices to make and in particular pushing down the cup to initiate the blades. I am like a big kid.

And it really does blend items so quickly and so well!

The biggest thing though? I’m still at this point unsure if it’s a psychological thing, but I feel great for it. I really feel like my energy has been boosted and my skin is clearer. It could be coincidence but the eczema I often get hasn’t appeared either.

I’m also finding when working out I seem to push myself more and I genuinely find coming home to a juice is something to look forward to, not a chore.

As someone who doesn’t regularly eat a lot of fruit easily, I’m also finding the NutriBullet a great way to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into my diet.

Typically on a weekend I don’t really have fruit, when I do during the week it’s as a healthy snack for the afternoon at work and usually the same types.

Now as well as my afternoon fruit snack and my vegetables with my dinner, I’m then getting a huge boost of fruit and veg from the NutriBlast I make.

We’ve tried a few that are supposed to have particular health benefits and are now trying to mix up our own recipes too. There are so many options though and I am constantly coming across recipe ideas online.

Plus I even – yes this is how obsessed I am getting – Tweeted the NutriBullet account for recipe ideas last week.

At first buying all these fruit and vegetables concerned me since it doesn’t come cheap (along with various nuts and seeds), but we’ve had so many juices out of it that it actually balances out.

I appreciate at this point you wonder if I am being paid by the company and am doing some sort of unofficial ad! Honestly, I’m not, but I’ve been so pleased with how I feel from having these juices I thought it was worth sharing.

I’m not using it as a meal replacement right now, I’ve been able to keep within my recommended calorie intake to lose weight and still have a juice. However, I am considering trying one of the actual juice/detox plans as a boost.

The next thing now is to add some colour, we’ve been following the general guidance of 50% greens, 50% fruit, top up with water and add seeds/nuts if you wish. However, every juice so far has been green so think we might need to start getting a bit more inventive soon!

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