Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year New Outlook

Yet again I've neglected this blog and have not written anything or posted for far too long. The reason being this time around is somewhat more cheerful than previous occurrences this year.

This year. 2013. Well, it's New Years Eve so I had better do the mandatory reflection hadn't I?

What has this year meant for me? To be honest I've not really liked this year. There have been a number of events that have taken place and most of them have left me feeling negative emotions rather than turning me into a happy bunny.

However, thanks to a certain someone, I am leaving 2013 feeling on top of the world.

It's funny how your life can seem to be on a set path and then have a few bumps and look like it's taking another. Before you know it you've then gone on a completely different journey and ended up back where you wanted to be. I'm getting a bit cryptic here, but this year has really shown me that everything does happen for a reason as I've often touched on before when things weren't so great. If things are meant to be I really think they will happen.

I did a lot of thinking with my head this year and rather than going with my heart and gut instincts I instead only seemed to use my emotions to cause me trouble.

It's pretty standard to make resolutions as you move into a new year, but as I've got older I've taken the view they are a bit pointless and nobody sticks to them. Is that because we put ourselves under pressure to come up with things, but they are not actually what is truly important to us and what we want to do?

And why is it we have to wait until a year ends to make them? Why do we find it so hard not to set goals and start new ones throughout the year?

I for one really felt I let 2013 pass me by. There were things going on personally relationship-wise, I changed roles which turned out to be a bit of a struggle, I let things overwhelm me a bit in general and as a result I ended up spending more time stressing out than actually doing anything. Yes me and my boyfriend did some fun things, but overall I feel I did a lot less seeing friends and moving my life forward.

Funnily enough I ended last year wanting to change and discover new things and I had an action packed start to the year as I did 'Dry January' and took part in a host of new cultural experiences - exhibitions, ballet, opera, serious theatre plays not musicals and many more things. However, I'm not sure if I 'peaked too soon' as it were as then the year gradually dwindled out.

I did go on some lovely breaks though - Spain, Mauritius and Dorset - all three were great in their own way. I think I've probably got closer to my family too.

This next year though is all about making things happen. Things that I find harder I am going to work on and instead of making lots of resolutions like losing weight (which coincidentally yet again I do need to do!) I am instead going to just have a new outlook. To see and approach things differently and use my emotions to drive me on instead of hold me back.

So let's see how long this approach lasts. If I truly do change it could be a pretty special year.

Happy New Year to all of you and if you also found 2013 wasn't so great I wish you a happier 2014 too!!

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