Sunday, 24 November 2013

Grass is always greener?

Live with someone cruel you wish they were kind
Have someone caring you miss the spark

Being with a worrier, if only they were laid back
Have someone relaxed, why don't they have more drive? 

You have a family, you miss a career
Progressing well at work, you long for a baby

Live in the city, you want the peace of the  country
Dwelling in a remote location you miss the convenience of somewhere built up 

Your friend wants your job
You want her engagement 

Carrying weight you want to be slim
A thinner build you envy other's curves 

Living in a flat you want to own a house
Running household chores you'd rather somewhere small

Winter time you long for the sun
In summer you want some more breeze

Cut your hair short, you miss your locks
Having a long style, it takes too long to dry 

Having a shower you miss the long luxurious lounge in a bath
Soaking under bubbles, you get restless and wish you'd had a quick shower

You go blonde, brunette seems to go with more
Dark hair you wish you had a bit more colour 

A career girl you yearn to be a Mum
Housewife you feel a prisoner at home 

Not wanting a child too young 
When older you envy those already with babies 

Wanting to think more in your job
With lots of responsibility you long for easier days 

Wishing for more money
Having more cash it's never enough 

Look forward to Christmas
Festive time comes you're saddened how fast the year has flown 

Feeling bored you haven't got many plans
A hectic schedule you wish for a break 

Why is it us humans always want what someone else has got? 

Why do we always need to be reminded that we always think the grass is greener on the other side? 

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