Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunbed saving syndrome

Wow. Nearly two weeks since I last blogged. Even then it was a book review.

I've been pretty busy of late. What with work, social life and diet/fitness!

To be honest the blog has gone at the bottom of the pile (well it's not even made the pile if I'm honest!) That is until the last day or so when various people - whether friends, family or work colleagues/friends - have all commented on the fact the blog has gone so quiet.

Nothing like a reminder people actually do like what you do (well at least read it) to give you a much needed kick up the backside!

So here I am. I'm hurriedly typing away on my iPhone on the train home after rushing out the office to make sure I left on time and attempted to get an earlier train back. The reason being? Spinning.

My diet/exercise/weight journey has been somewhat mixed of late, due mostly to my stress levels being increased and my personal time being decreased. End result? Default reaction of being lazy and stuffing my face with food and booze of course.

I've had the usual confusion, doing less exercise one week and not being as strict with healthy eating then seeing a big weight loss. Or this week's fascinating result after two days of exercise only and five days of bad food and booze, resulting in no weight gained at all! How does that work??

Today I have been walking a tad duck-like and wincing as I walk, all thanks to one reason. Yesterday I went for a 5k run outside. I've not done this for over a month and don't get me wrong it was nice to do for a change and to be in the fresh air.

However the reason I went for a run, well HAD to go for a run does not amuse me.

Readers, followers, friends, let me introduce you to Sunbed Saving Syndrome.

You know those annoying people when you're on a typical package holiday who get up at the crack of dawn, chuck their garish towel over a sunlounger round the pool and then sod off for half the morning elsewhere?

Irritated already at the thought? Me too.

Well, how great to find the same thing is now happening at spinning, with the bikes.

Granted, people used to put a towel or bottle on a bike to save it just before a class, or the odd annoying person would leave something of theirs over a bike and come back in the studio mere minutes before spinning began, but it was a minority.

Now it seems every bloody muppet is doing it! Meaning you have to get to a class earlier and earlier and if like me you dare to have a job and can't get there early you are left with one of the (ever increasing) bikes that wobbles, squeaks, has a resistance dial that doesn't work etc.

This was already causing me to rant. We all know I love a good moan.

Yesterday however was the final straw for me. I got up early on a Sunday morning, I got to the class about 20 minutes early and there were NO BIKES.

Every single bike was covered in a towel, water bottle or blue roll. And there was not one single person to be seen.

All the bikes had been 'saved' like aforementioned sunloungers by people that weren't even there.

So we had to leave the studio without spinning.

The gym has the option to have a sign up system but currently only does this on one of the six classes on offer.

I'm now off to attempt tonight's class and the gym staff be warned if I don't get in tonight I will not be simply leaving the gym and taking this lying down. Oh no, true British tourist loudmouth behaviour will be well in force!

Be warned!

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