Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bookworm: No Child of Mine by Susan Lewis

This is my second book now by Susan Lewis.

Touching on a disturbing and hard-to-read subject, the story features the life of social worker Alex Lake, who has her own tough background haunting her.

As I found with this author's writing style previously, I couldn't put the book down once I'd started and was well and truly hooked.

You relate to the characters and can picture the people, scenes and personalities. I went through a host of emotions, mostly sadness due to the subject matter.

Again I was pleased to find myself surprised with various twists and turns in the book and things weren't as obvious as I'd started to worry they might be.

However, without going into details and spoiling the story for anyone I had similar feelings about this book as with Lewis' last offering - the ending. I feel this writer has such powerful stories that keep you hooked and then she spoils it by pushing things too far and going a tad too far fetched.

Good points
Easy to read style and imagine the story in front of you
Well handled subject matter

Not so great
Gets too far fetched and makes you lose believability/faith in the writer

Judging by the above I guess it's clear overall I found this book a winner. I just felt a tad let down by the turn that changed my hooked interest into more a feeling of doubt and questioning how likely the situation would be in reality.

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