Thursday, 11 December 2014

Festive fluster

This evening I am going Christmas shopping. With my fiancé. In Lakeside (local shopping centre that is always packed normally)

Recipe for disaster right?

Add to that, my partner is unwell at the moment and is not in the best of moods. I’ve been to work all day and I feel like I’m catching his germs.

We must be mad right?

I’ll let you know how we get on, but I wanted to share as I wondered if others have the same dilemmas I always do with Christmas?

I get into this massive panic over Christmas presents and cards – everyone else seems to be super on top of buying them/writing them/sending them and I haven’t even started.

So then I go on a mad dash to get started and I go a bit mad.

I bought my cards last week and one evening I then got them all written and the next day got stamps and posted them as soon as I could. My family cards I wrote and have been pestering my other half to give to his family non-stop ever since.

Then of course it’s panicking over Christmas presents. I blame you lot out there, those people who get things in the Summer and publicly announce to everyone on social media how organised you’ve been.

The rest of us then end up in a total panic and feel guilty until we too sort out the festive purchases.

We got started on the present shopping and got quite a way through and our list. I started to feel quite proud. But then we stopped.

My stressing out restarted, hence now we are going to a shopping centre tonight which is going to be crammed full of people (not to mention the likely traffic jams there and back). I may even go to Westfield (nearer me at work) after work tomorrow evening too if needed.

The joke is? When I’ve spoken to people now about it, everyone seems to be saying how organised I am and they haven’t even started?!

Where are these people earlier in the month/year when you witness the smug organised ones??

We’re (read me) hosting Christmas Day at our new house this year too so I’ve just realised this week I need to buy games, drink, nibbles and a whole lot more. That will have to be next as I can’t face tackling both just yet.

So off to Lakeside we go, let’s hope we’re successful on the trip or god help my stress levels!


  1. We often host Christmas dinner and have learned to ask people to contribute towards it by bringing bits e.g. One brings nibbles, another brings soft drinks. It not only eases the load but also means your purse strings don't split! Everyone loves to have a 'job' too ��

  2. Ooh good tip, thank you. I don't think I'll do this year as first time and I suggested but defo in future. Thanks xx